Haikus on the news

There are still

At least sometimes

Consequences for committing war crimes


Great presence reminds us
A thousand years are as a day
And there is

No new thing under the sun
And when it’s worn and done
You’ll fold it up

Tree falls in the rain

When no one is there; silence

Echoes down the age

Tree older than you

Or I or America

Felled by storm one night

What do you get when

You play Castro backward?

You get your country back…

You only live twice,

Or so it seems: one for you

And one for your memes

News flash: First female

Presidents can still be

Incredibly corrupt

Future of England,

United Kingdom, Europe?

Could go either way

Studies say the Pill
Can make you less attractive,
More cold, robotic;

Increase risk of stroke,
Tumors, gallstones, “sunstache”.
Barrenness?  Studies mixed…

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